Country Rain, Haz Eliot with Feeling, Apache-Misty Dream Band, Country Shades etc.

Apache Band         

The Apache Band was formed circa 1979 ( the ol’ memory aint what it used to be!) and consisted of Jimmy (bam bam) Collins on Drums & Vocals, Phil Colter on lead Guitar/vocals, John Winchester on vocals/bass and lead guitars and me on vocals/bass/rythmn guitars. We played the length and breadth of the Southwest, appearing at Country Clubs, Hotels, Social clubs, Holiday Camps, Barn dances, Pubs, and Country Music Festivals in Devon & Cornwall.

We had most ‘seasons’ booked in various Hotels which were normally from Easter to September ( over the years, these seasons diminished in length, as more people went abroad for holidays and the Hotels ‘cut down’ their ‘season’ and therefore entertainment) But, never the less, at the time, it was very pleasant arriving early at the gig, sitting on the beach for a while and then ‘doing our show’ (seemed more like a holiday!)

We took on a manager Jim & Sue Broad, who were originally fans, but wanted to ‘get involved’ in Country music in general and us in particular. Jim & Sue worked very hard promoting the band, always turning up at the gigs to make sure we were ok, getting us bookings and then financing and promoting The Apache Band Album, ‘Mamas, Dont let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’ This was recorded at Roche Studios, Cornwall and was produced by ‘Hawkwinds’ drummer Martin Griffin.

Joining us on the album, was the ‘5th’ member, an extremely talented young bass player. Jim ‘The Hat’ who occasionally ‘stood in’ when the gig ( and wages!) justified it.

Jim had his own ‘pop’ band which was very up to date and modern, but really enjoyed playing “this ‘ere Country  music” now and then. After a year or so, Phil left and emigrated to Canada and Chris James joined us. Chris played lead/bass and rhythm guitars and was a fine vocalist.

Here are some of the members of ‘Apache’, The Terry Dean Band, Country Shades and The Misty Dream Band during my 22 + years in Cornwall.


John Winchester Apache’



Jimmy Collins  ‘Apache ‘ – The Terry Dean Band- Country Shades & The Misty Dream Band’            Kieth Howe. Country Shades                               Mick Colley ‘Country Shades’




  Country Shades                        Pete Flaskett far left.  Chris James far right.          El Imber. Founder member of The Misty Dream Band.                Phil Colter. Apache Band

                                                                                                                                        El and I got together again and recorded our original songs on youTube under imberdean.

The original ‘Country Shade’s ‘members were, Davy Fidler (Wayne) on drums/vocals/ vocal harmony, Mo Clarke on lead guitar/vocals/ vocal harmony, Paul ‘PJ’ Buck on bass/rhythm guitars/vocals/ vocal harmony and myself on lead vocals/bass & rhythm




Phil Colter, TD & Jim (The Hat) Tothill                                         ‘The Apache Band’                                  Country Shades filming for Westwood TV


                  ‘Apache’    John Winchester, Phil Colter, TD & Jimmy Collins                      Country Shades’ with PJ. Buck                                 Jimmy Newell                     Keith Howe. 


                 ‘The Terry Dean Band’ at the ‘Talk Of The West’                                               ‘Apache Band’                                     BBC Radio Conwall ‘Live’



It all started in London when Brian Duggan and myself formed ‘Country Rain’



Where it all started! The original ‘Country Rain’                         Terry & Brian sharing a mike.                            ‘Country Rain’

Brian Duggan, Terry Dean, Roger James & Dennis Fullerman.


 Country Rain with new members and renamed  ‘Haz Eliot with Feeling’


Haz Eliot with Feeling             

            Keith Clark, Haz Eliot, Terry Dean and Brian Ramsey-Goudie.                      Our new drummer Joe Coulson.                      Haz Eliot 

The award winning ‘Haz Eliot with Feeling’. Originally ‘Country Rain’. Reformed, new members and a new name to break into Cabaret. 2nd in ‘Opportunity Knocks’, Winners of New Faces’ Viewers votes, ( 2nd to Marti Caine in the final)  Best touring Band Cornwall & Devon Country Music Circuit. BCMA Most promising Newcomer’s, Best British Band, Wembley Festival Of Country Music




 Best British Band Wembley 1975                                             Haz Eliot                                                   The Bands Logo                              Our Agent. Jeanie (Mills) Caldicote



    Brian (King) Ramsey-Goudie                           Terry, Haz & Stewart                                             Haz Eliot with Feeling                            Wembley Fesival Of Country Music





The ‘Misty Dream Band  (MDB) El Imber and myself formed MDB and  the  initial band consisted of, Chris King on Bass, Frank Green on drums, El Imber on Pedal Steel and myself on Guitar and Vocals. Over the life of the band we had several changes of Band members due to work, geographic and family commitments so at variuos times the Band included, Jimmy Collins on Drums, John Adkin on Bass, El Imber on pedal Steel, Vocals and myself on Guitar & Vocals. Another lineup change occured when the Band was offered work in Europe and the UK on USA Military bases. This Band consisted now of El & myself  with Chris Constantinou on Bass and Flute and Davy Wayne on Drums & Vocals. Following a break up with our Manager (owing to him being a lying, cheating  con man full of BS!) MDB disbanded but later reformed, with Davy WAyne on Drums & Vocals, myself on Guitar, Bass & Vocals, Murray (Mo) Clarke on Lead Guitar & Vocals and Paul (PJ) Buck on Bass guitar, Rythmn,  & Vocals. This last Band later changed the name to ‘Country Shades’



El & myself at the Award night a                                                     Terry at  the Imber Recording Studio                                                   El Imber

The International Country Music Radio Awards 




With Jimmy Craword               MDB                                                MDB in Germany                                                    MDB in Cornwall




 MDB at Duncheidiok Hall, Devon                                          MDB in Newquay, Cornwall                               Our Agent, Jeanie (Mills) Caldicote. R.I.P sweet lady xx